This is an index to most of the posts at The R’lyeh Tribune, organized by author and title of the work discussed.  Interested readers may also want to look at the ‘History’ page to get a sense of the historical context in which these stories appeared.  Story titles are listed in parentheses next to the name of the post.  (Numbered posts were originally part of a series.)

General topics are listed afterwards.


Robert H. Barlow (1981-1951)
The End, by Ar-Ech-Bei and Others (Till 'A the Seas)
“Egregorology” in Weird Fiction (The Night Ocean)

Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867)
Bouquets of Doom (Les Fleurs du Mal)

E.F. Benson (1867-1940)
Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris (Negotium Perambulans)
At Least Three Pestilences (Negotium Perambulans)
2. A Couple of Hauntings from E.F. Benson (The China Bowl, The Passenger)

Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914)
The Damned Thing versus The Lurking Fear (The Damned Thing)
2. Robots R Us (Moxon's Master)

Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951)
Bad Trips (The Occupant of the Room)
Dancing With Doppelgängers (The Dance of Death)
2. An Island in a River (The Willows)

Ray Bradbury (1920-2012)
2. What Not to Raise in the Cellar (Come Into My Cellar)

Hugh B. Cave (1910-2004)
A Weird Menace from Hugh B. Cave (Imp of Satan)
The Animated Corpse as Practical Joke (The Corpse on the Grating)
Technology and Timeframes in Weird Menace Fiction (The Murder Machine)
Foreplay, With Tentacles (Ladies in Waiting)
Pride Goeth Before Alien Abduction (Take Me, For Instance)

Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933)
In Lost Carcosa (The Repairer of Reputations)

Irvin S. Cobb (1876-1944)
Not Just Another Fish Story (Fishhead)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1722-1834)
The Crime of the Ancient Mariner  (The Rime of the Ancient Mariner)

Mary Elizabeth Counselman (1911-1995)
Mary Elizabeth Counselman’s ‘Black Stone’ (The Black Stone Statue)

Chester D. Cuthbert (1912-2009)
Science Fiction from a True Fan (The Sublime Vigil)

Walter de la Mare (1842-1914)
De La Mare’s Alice and Her Looking Glass (The Looking Glass)

August Derleth  (1909-1971)
2. Time: Not on Our Side (The Survivor)

Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)
What Else is Up There? (The Horror of the Heights)

W.E.B. Du Bois (1868-1963)
The Horror and Hope of Miscegenation

Lord Dunsany (1878-1957)
At Least Three Pestilences (The Vengeance of Men)
2. A Snake Keeps the Secret (The Secret of the Gods)

George Allan England (1877-1937)
Cosmic Ants (The Thing From Outside)
If You’d Rather Write Pulp Fiction… (The Fantastic In Fiction)

Paul Ernst (1899-1985)
Between Wars, Beneath the Ground (The Microscopic Giants)
1. Some Notes on Paul Ernst (background)
2. The Weirdness of Incarceration  (Escape)
3. A Rodent Resurrection  (The Tree of Life)
4. Saved by Natural Gas (Marooned Under the Sea)

Edmond Hamilton (1904-1977)
3. Almost But Not Quite Eden (The Seeds From Outside)
A “World-Wrecker’s” First Publication (The Monster-God of Mamurth)
Captain Future and the Restless Natives of Titan (The Harpers of Titan)
Doomsday Deferred for the Eight Worlds (Crashing Suns)
Etheric Bombs vs. De-Cohesion Rays (The Star-Stealers)
An Early Death Star (Within the Nebula)
Mars and P.T.S.D. (What's It Like Out There)
Easter Island as Martian Outpost (Across Space)
Our Cerebral Future (The Man Who Evolved)
Gaia as a Great Old One (The Earth-Brain)
1. Robots Run Amok (The Metal Giants)

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)
Don’t Look Now, But… (Young Goodman Brown)

William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918)
Hodgson Sets Sail Again (The Ghost Pirates)
Albatross (The Voice in the Night)
A Cheesy Horror at Sea (Demons of the Sea)
Meanwhile, Somewhere in the Sargasso Sea (The Mystery of the Derelict)
What Would Jones the Cat Say? (A Tropical Horror)
Beware of Red Hair (The Stone Ship)
Carnacki, Kolchak, Mulder, Scully (The Searcher of the End House)
A Boy and His…Sea Horse (The Sea Horses)
2. A Senior Moment at Sea (The Shamraken Homeward-Bounder)
Hodgson’s Passion Play (Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani)
Carnacki’s Protective Pentacle Procedure (The Gateway of the Monster)
Hodgson’s Hogs (Various)
Another of Hodgson’s Derelicts (The Habitants of Middle Islet)
A Monster Story from Hodgson (Island of the Ud)

Robert E. Howard (1906-1936)
1. All About Snakes (The Dream Snake)
Always Read the Manual First (The Thing on the Roof)
4. Not Getting Old in the Old West (Old Garfield’s Heart)
1. The Allure of the Loup-garou (In the Forest of Villefère)
2. Back to Faring Town (Out of the Deep)
A Subterranean Déjà vu (People of the Dark)
Oh Those Little People! (The Little People)
Blood Will Out (The Children of the Night)
Bibliographies of Doom (The Black Stone)
Cowboys, Indians, and a Vampire (The Horror From the Mound)
Better Read the Contract (Dig Me No Grave)
A Racist Nightmare (The Shadow of the Beast)
Other Crucifixions (Worms of the Earth)
Under the Rocks and Stones (The Cairn on the Headland)
Robert E. Howard’s Puritan Hero (The Hills of the Dead)
Cleft Skull Tavern—Not Recommended (Rattle of Bones)
The Soul of the Jungle (Red Shadows)
On the Road to Torkertown (Skulls in the Stars)
On the Fistic Horizon (The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux)
Swan Song of the Satanist (Casonetto's Last Song)
“Feed Me!” (The Hoofed Thing)
Somewhere in the Valley of the Shadow of Death (The Valley of the Lost)
Not Just Another Inscrutable Asian (The Noseless Horror)
My Brother’s Keeper (The Dwellers Under the Tomb)
With Friends Like These… (The Haunter of the Ring)
Kull’s Midlife Crisis  (The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune)
Two Ghosts and a Conjure-Man (various)
Some Beasts With Five Fingers (The Right Hand of Doom)
Epistolary Horror (The Dead Remember)
Pyrrhas and the Terrors of Polytheism (The House of Arabu)
1. A Dish Best Served Cold*  (The Man on the Ground)
Justice via Zuvembie (Pigeons From Hell)
“…do not offend the djinn!”  (The Fire of Asshurbanipal)
Hunting and Fleeing the Monster (The Valley of the Worm)
An Insurrection, Emboldened by Voodoo (Black Canaan)
Solomon Kane, Emancipator (The Footfalls Within)
An Early Fight Club (The Pit of the Serpent)
Solomon Kane vs. Ecological Disaster (Wings in the Night)
Colleagues in the “Red Trade” (Hawk of Basti)
Hyborian Sketches (Etchings in Ivory, The Hyborian Age)
King Conan and Job Satisfaction (The Phoenix on the Sword)
Conan and a Proto-Princess Leia (The People of the Black Circle)
Conan Meets an Extraterrestrial (The Tower of the Elephant)
Conan in Love (Queen of the Black Coast)
Creeps in the Crib (Rogues in the House)
A Fearful Symmetry (Red Nails)
A Pict is Worth a Thousand Words (Beyond the Black River)
Bedlam and Breakfast Place (Shadows in Zamboula)
The Hazards of “Thog”, the Black Lotus…and Radium (Xuthal of the Dusk)
Conan’s Early Career Moves (The Pool of the Black One)
Godric and Genghis (Kahn) (Red Blades of Black Cathay)
Part Two: Snake Stories (Various)
Part Two: Horror and the Will to Power (The Lost Race)

Margaret Irwin  (1889-1969)                                    
Books Sensible People Avoid (The Book)

Shirley Jackson (1916-1965)
Unreal Estate for Sale or Rent (The Haunting of Hill House)

M.R. James (1862-1936)
“There will be Guests at the Hall” (The Ash-Tree)

Robert Barbour Johnson (1907-1987)
4. The Subway as Urban Basement (Far Below)

David H. Keller (1880-1966)
Vermiphobia (The Worm) 
Look Both Ways! (The Revolt of the Pedestrians) 
Nonlethal Biological Warfare? (The Yeast Men)
Invasive Species (The Ivy War)
Industrial Strength Conte Cruel (The Doorbell)
1. Various Cellar Dwellers (The Thing in the Cellar)
The Effects of Gravity (The Flying Fool)
A Place for Everyone; Everyone in Their Place (The Psychophonic Nurse)
Eugenics in Early Science Fiction (A Biological Experiment)
Economic Horrors (Free as the Air)
Lefferts and Lownsberry Corners (The Bridle)

Henry Kuttner (1915-1958)
A Brother of the Old Ones (The Salem Horror)

John Martin Leahy (1886-1967)
Weird Fiction About Antarctica (In Amundsen's Tent)

Thomas Ligotti  (1952-present)
Corporate Nightmares (My Work Is Not Yet Done)
Art as Nightmare (The Bungalow House)
Among Patrons of the Teatro (Teatro Grottesco)
Nethescurial as an Egregore (Nethescurial)
A Dark Alchemy (The Shadow at the Bottom of the World)
Talismanic Terrors in Lovecraft and Ligotti (The Frolic, The Medusa)
The Three Principle Impurities (Purity)
Bad to Worse (The Town Manager)
Bouquets of Doom (Les Fleurs)
Metafictional Horrors (Sideshow, and Other Stories)
Writers as Dissociated Personalities (Alice's Last Adventure)
Marionette Metaphysics (The Clown Puppet)
Dreams, Butterflies, Manikin Horrors (Dream of a Manikin)

Frank Belknap Long (1901-1994)
Insects Rule My World (The Last Men)
Robots Rule My World (The Robot Empire)
A Death by Metaphysics (The Hounds of Tindalos)
Howard and Frank vs. the Brain Eaters (The Space-Eaters)

H.P. Lovecraft (1890-1937)
First Post (The Shuttered Room)
Blasphemy! (The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu--film)
Clinical Lovecraft (Beyond The Wall of Sleep)
Beyond the Wall of the Worst (Beyond The Wall of Sleep--film)
A Shriek in Araby (The Doom That Came to Sarnath,The Nameless City)
It All Begins in a Cave (The Beast In The Cave)
Books Sensible People Avoid (Necronomicon, etc.)
Why Monster Why (Die Monster Die--film)
1. What Happened to Randolph? (The Statement of Randolph Carter)
4. Randolph Carter alias Thomas Olney (The Strange High House in the Mist)
Lovecraft an Anglican Priest? (The Evil Clergyman)
The Horrors of Immigration (The Horror At Red Hook)
Diagnosis (Various)
Christmas in Kingsport (The Festival)
Psychedelic Dunwich (The Dunwich Horror--film)
Bad Dog (Psychopompos: A Tale in Rhyme)
Bad Dog II (The Hound)
The Kvetch of Iranon (The Quest of Iranon)
The Other Guys (The Other Gods)
Ailurophobia (The Cats of Ulthar)
At Least Three Pestilences (The Haunter of the Dark)
Lovecraft’s Haunted Houses (The Shunned House)
An Antiquarian’s Dream (The Very Old Folk)
Help, I’m a Centipede! (The Challenge from Beyond)
1. The Horrors of Growing Old (The Terrible Old Man)
2. ‘Shou’d My Present Recollections Meet With Fav...  (A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson)
A Spanish Innsmouth (Dagon--film)
A Lovecraftian Gender-Bender (The Thing on the Doorstep)
Lovecraftian Family Secrets (Facts Concerning The Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family)
A Musical Nightmare (The Music of Eric Zann)
‘Bromantic’ Relationships in Lovecraft (Various) 
Cosmicism in Rhyme (The Poe-et's Nightmare)
Eryx: A Lovecraft Collaboration (In The Walls of Eryx, with Kenneth Sterling)
1. H.P. Lovecraft, Ethnographer of Doom (The Mound, with Zealia Bishop)
2. But Zamacona Does the Heavy Lifting (The Mound, with Zealia Bishop) 
Architecture vs. Communist Hordes (The Street)
H.P. Lovecraft’s Celebrity Collaboration (Under the Pyramids, with Harry Houdini, a.k.a. Imprisoned with the Pharaohs)
H.P. Lovecraft’s Charity Collaboration (The Diary of Alonzo Typer, with William Lumley)
A Small Town Horror (The Horror in the Burying Ground, with Hazel Heald)
The Curse of ‘Chuckle-Head’ (The Last Test, with Adolphe de Castro)
Another Witch-House Tenant (The Dreams in the Witch-House)
Lovecraft’s Brush with Necrophilia (The Loved Dead, with C.M. Eddy, Jr.)
Swan Song of the Satanist (The Music of Eric Zann)
Snakes on a Plain (In Oklahoma) (The Curse of Yig, with Zealia Bishop)
The Cthulhu Mythos as Side Show Attraction (The Horror in the Museum, with Hazel Heald) 
A Lovecraftian Vision of the Afterlife (The Green Meadow, with Winifred Jackson)
3. The Sin of the Fathers (The Alchemist, as example of revenge theme)
With Theobald, At the Apocalypse (The Crawling Chaos, The Green Meadow, Nyarlathotep) 
Lovecraftian Psychology 101 (Various) 
Insane on a Train (The Electric Executioner) 
Correlating The Contents of Lovecraft’s Mind (Paul Roland's 2014 biography of HPL) 
Time in a Bottle (Two Black Bottles, with Wilfred Blanch Talman)
A Bad Hair Day from H.P. Lovecraft (Medusa's Coil, with Zealia Bishop)
Lovecraft as Shudder Pulp Writer: The Diary of "M... (The Man of Stone, with Hazel Heald) 
The Tell-Tale…Tsetse Fly (Winged Death, with Hazel Heald)
Nothing Mu Under the Sun (Out of the Aeons, with Hazel Heald) 
What Was It? (The Horror at Martin's Beach, with Sonia Greene)
The Terror of Female Lab Assistants (Ashes, with C.M. Eddy, Jr.) 
When the Host is the Ghost (The Ghost-Eater, with C.M. Eddy, Jr.) 
3. Time: Not on Our Side (The Shadow Out of Time)
Randolph Carter’s Return (Through the Gates of the Silver Key, with E. Hoffmann Price)
“…doe not call up Any that you can not put downe…”... (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward)
Charles Dexter Ward—Additional Diagnosis (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward)
Horror Theory: Lovecraft and Black Magick (Steadman's H.P. Lovecraft & The Magickal Tradition)
Towards A Modern Necromancy (The Case of Charles Dexter Ward) 
1. Lovecraft and Magick: An Interview with John ... (John L. Steadman, author interview)
2. Lovecraft and Magick: An Interview with John ... (John L. Steadman, author interview)
3. Lovecraft and Magick: An Interview with John ... (John L. Steadman, author interview) 
All About Family (Deaf, Dumb and Blind, with C.M. Eddy, Jr.)
On Re-reading “Reanimator” (Herbert West: Reanimator) 
A Couple of Forbidden Trees (The Tree on the Hill, with Duane W. Rimel)
Guest Post: John L. Steadman (on interpretations of Yog-Sothoth) 
Talismanic Terrors in Lovecraft and Ligotti (various)
1. Meanwhile, Somewhere Near Kadath (The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath)
2. Along the Way to Leng (The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath)
3. No Place Like Home (The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath) 
4. What About the Zebras? (The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath) 
3. The Basement as Family Archaeological Site (The Rats in the Walls) 
4. The Subway as Urban Basement (Various)
Lovecraft, Diversity, and the Occult: An Intervie... (Ross Smeltzer, author interview)
Frenemy (The Disinterment, with Duane W. Rimel)
The End, by Ar-Ech-Bei and Others (Till 'A the Seas, with Robert H. Barlow)
“Egregorology” in Weird Fiction (The Night Ocean, with Robert H. Barlow)
H.P. Lovecraft as Foreign Policy Advisor (various letters circa 1932-1933)
Lefferts and Lownsberry Corners (The Lurking Fear)
The Weirdness of Ultraviolet Light (From Beyond)
Dreams, Butterflies, Manikin Horrors (various)
Zothique, Aldebaran, Proxima b (The Festival)
Part One: Egregoric Phenomena in Lovecraft and El... (Various)
Part Two: Egregoric Phenomena in Lovecraft and El... (Various)
Part Two: Snake Stories (Various) 
Part One: Horror and the Will to Power (Cool Air, Nietzsche)
Part One: Olathoë, Commoriom, and Tsathoggua (Various) 
Part Two:  Olathoë, Commoriom, and Tsathoggua (Various)
Part Three:  Olathoë, Commoriom, and Tsathoggua (Various)
1. Horror Theory: Towards a Post-Fact World (The Whisperer in Darkness) 
2. Horror Theory: Towards a Post-Fact World  (The Call of Cthulhu)
R.G. Macready (?—circa early 1900s)
2. Mad Scientist, Mad Gardener (The Plant Thing)
Richard Matheson (1926-2013)
2. What Not to Raise in the Cellar (Born of Man and Woman) 

A. Merritt (1884-1943)
Death by a Thousand Figures of Speech  (The People of The Pit)
1. Av-o-lo-ha! (The Moon Pool)
2. Poet Mastermind vs. Robot Tyranny (The Last Poet and the Robots)
3. Through a Gateway  (Through the Dragon Glass)
4. An Ecological Homicide (The Woman of the Wood)

P. Schuyler Miller (1912-1974)
How to Make a Silicon Life Form (The Arrhenius Horror)
Spending Time in a Bottle (Ship-in-a-Bottle)

Bassett Morgan (1884-1977)
(Grace Ethel Jones)
What to Do With Your Ex’s Brain (Gray Ghouls)

C.L. Moore (1911-1987)
C. L. Moore’s Early 3D Horror (Miracle in Three Dimensions)

Earl Peirce, Jr. (?)
Horror Theory: The Vrykolakas as Sexual Other (Doom of the House of Duryea)

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)
In Articulo Mortis—Some Options (The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar)
3. A Miniature Island from Edgar Allan Poe (The Island of the Fay)

Anthony M. Rud (1893-1942)
Clues at the Scene of the Slime (Ooze)

Saki (1870-1916)
(H.H. Munro)
3. The Wolf as Juvenile Delinquent (Gabriel-Ernest)
2. This Means War (The Interlopers)

William Sloane (1906-1974)
An Archetypal Terror (To Walk the Night)
Necromantic Epiphenomena (The Edge of Running Water)

Ross Smeltzer (?--present)
Lovecraft Meets Earth Mother (The Witch of Kinderhook)
Lovecraft, Diversity, and the Occult: An Intervie... (author interview)
Cernunnos and Shub-Niggurath (Lord of All High and Hidden Places)
For the Life is in the Blood (The Rule of Old Blood)                                                 

Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961)
Raising the Dead (The Empire of the Necromancers)
The Ghoul as Objet d’Art (The Hunters from Beyond)
Occult Occupational Hazards (The Return of the Sorcerer)
An Early ‘Trans-Dimensional’ Portal (The City of Singing Flame)
‘Trans-Dimensional’ Portal Redux (Beyond the Singing Flame)
Face-Huggers and Others (The Vaunts of Yoh-Vombis)
Me and My Shadow (The Double Shadow)
With Friends Like These… (The Monster of the Prophecy)
Plague as Engine of Justice (The Isle of the Torturers)
The Hazards of Curiosity Shops (Ubbo-Sathla)
H.P. Lovecraft’s Antarian Adventures (The Planet of the Dead)
Grave Regrets (A Night in Malnéant)
Reincarnation with Hallucinogens (The Chain of Aforgomon)
Evil Sorcerer vs. Tyrannical Despot (The Dark Eidolon)
Geas Who Is Coming to Dinner (The Seven Geases)
Back to Averoigne (The Holiness of Azédarac) 
Mater Dei! (The Disinterment of Venus)
Unseen, Unfeared, and Unheard (The Devotee of Evil) 
Mirrors and Portals (The Enchantress of Sylaire)
When Your Genius Loci is a Spiritus Malus (Genius Loci)
Tsathoggua And His Fans (The Tale of Satampra Zeiros)
Malygris and the Hazards of Necromancy (The Last Incantation)
1. Islands of the Weird (The Uncharted Isle)
With Captain Volmar, Somewhere Near Andromeda (Marooned in Andromeda)
Tloong vs. Murm on the Red World (The Red World of Polaris)
The Terrors of Alien Zoology (A Captivity in Serpens, aka The Amazing Planet)
Don’t Take Me to the River (The Face in the River)
The Tedium of Thaumaturgy (The Maze of the Enchanter)
An Extraterrestrial Ghoul in Zothique (The Weaver in the Vault)
Forbidden Tree and Forbidden Fruit in Zothique (Xeethra)
1. Some Batrachian Business (Mother of Toads)
Prometheus Returns the Flame ( Monsters in the Night, and Phoenix)
A Chapter from the Book of Eibon (The Coming of the White Worm)
“…Though the Word be Unspoken, Save in Thought…” (The Treader of the Dust)
Life and Death in the Asteroid Belt (Master of the Asteroid)
Necromancy and Low Self-Esteem (The Colossus of Ylourgne)
Like a Moth to a Flame (The End of the Story)
“…a Vast and Insuppressible Fecundity…” (The Venus of Azombeii)
Venusians and Global Climate Change (The Metamorphosis of the World)
Hell on Venus (The Immeasurable Horror)
The Weirdness of Ultraviolet Light (A Murder in the Fourth Dimension)
Abominations (The Abominations of Yondo)
Zothique, Aldebaran, Proxima b (various)
Part Two: Snake Stories (Various)
Poseidonis (Various)
Part Two: Horror and the Will to Power (The Return of the Sorcerer)
Part One: Olathoë, Commoriom, and Tsathoggua (The Tale of Satampra Zeiros, various)
Part Two:  Olathoë, Commoriom, and Tsathoggua (Various)
Part Three:  Olathoë, Commoriom, and Tsathoggua (Hyperborean cycle)

Frances Stevens (1908-1989)
(Gertrude Barrows Bennett)
Don’t Look Now, But… (Unseen—Unfeared)
An Ancient Marineress (Friend Island)
Early Diversity Training in Stevens’ ‘The Elf Trap... (The Elf Trap)
The Weirdness of Ultraviolet Light (Unseen—Unfeared)

Horace Walpole (1717-1797)
Otranto (The Castle of Otranto)

Donald Wandrei (1908-1989)
An ‘Astounding Story’ by Wandrei (Raiders of the Universes)
Aliēnus ex machina (Something From Above)
1. When Brains Are All You Have Left (The Red Brain)

Stanley G. Weinbaum (1902-1935)
Revisiting Tweel and the Martian “Dream-Beast” (A Martian Odyssey) 
Jovian Moonlight Madness (The Mad Moon)
Maladaptations (The Adaptive Ultimate) 
A Philosophy of Vegetable Existence (The Lotus Eaters)
Darwinian Disasters (Proteus Island)
Mathematic Conte-Cruel (Brink of Infinity)

Manly Wade Wellman (1903-1986)
Back Up on Yandro, Yonder (The Desrick on Yandro)
2. Until There Is A Cure… (The Werewolf Snarls)
2. The Hazards of Frog Gigging (Frogfather)
Appalachian Horrors (Where Did She Wander?)
The Amoeba in the Attic (Up Under the Roof, various)

H.G. Wells (1866-1946)
4. Hothouse Hazard (The Flowering of the Strange Orchid)
1. Time: Not on Our Side (The Time Machine)

Wallace West (1900-1980)
Let’s All Go to the Lobby… (The Phantom Dictator)

Henry S. Whitehead (1882-1932)
1. Homunculus (Cassius)
2. Mirrors, Upon Further Reflection (The Trap, with H.P. Lovecraft)
3. Ghosts as Dream Imagery (Across the Gulf)
4. Case Study: Homunculi Redux (Passing of a God)
Jumbee: Gradations of Racism (Jumbee)
Hauntings as Superimposed Images (The Shadows)
Island Memories (Black Tancrède)
Stand By Your Man (Sweet Grass) 
Gerald Canevin and the Lorriquer Case (Mrs. Lorriquer)
A Subliminal Island Rebellion (Hill Drums)
Time Travel and a Werewolf (No Eye-Witnesses) 
“The Männlicher is a Weapon of Precision…” (The Chadbourne Episode) 

General Topics
Neuroaesthetics: Brain Imaging for Authors and The...
Some Preliminary Thoughts on Lovecraft and Cosmici...
The Origin of Evil: One Theory 
How Many Extraterrestrials Are There?
In Oklahoma City, Opposites Attract
The Horrors of Employment (regarding corporate takeovers)
On the Concept of Expertise (philosophical essay)
1. Theological Terrors
2. Theological Terrors
3. Theological Terrors
On Your Newsstand Now (Space and Time Magazine)
A Planet You Can Believe In   (Kepler 186f)
On the Horrors of Ecclesiastes 
Alien Creatures from Another Sandwich (Ganymede)
Is Horror Fiction Becoming Obsolete? (criticism)
Visiting with the Recently Dead (criticism)
On Horror and Atheism (essay)
The Deceased as Action Figures (El Muerto Parao)
4. Back to the Mainland (conclusion of 4 part series on "island horrors")
A Few Recent Graphics (recent work by I.N.J. Culbard)
Flint: The Entrepreneurial Undead (2014 Flint Horror Convention)
Still On Your Newsstand, For Now (Space and Time Magazine)
Rant: On the Demonic Possession of Web Browsers (Rant on Groovorio and  ClearThink)
Incident Report (Reminiscence)
2. Brains on the Silver Screen (various)
From Starvation to the “Slicks” and Beyond (Economics of Pulp Fiction)
Yuggoth as an E.T.N.O. (evidence of two new planets in the Kuiper Belt)
Dreams and Nightmares as Source Material
3. Amphibian Horror Cinema
Exobiological Faith and Fear
The Amoeba in the Attic (Various)
Horror Fiction from a Pre-Schooler
Horror Fiction from a Kindergartener
Epilogue: Some Hazards of Immortality (afterword to the series "Time: Not on Our Side)
Horror Theory: Schneider’s Hyperconstriction and ... (Kirk J. Schneider's Horror and the Holy)
Horror Theory: Lovecraft and Black Magick (Steadman's H.P. Lovecraft & The Magickal Tradition)
Towards A Modern Necromancy (developments in cryogenics)
Progress Report: To My Readers (status update)
An Interest Group Horror (parody)
An Egregore on X-Files (Fourth Episode, February 2016, and various)
Notes on a Recent Visit to Providence (Travelogue)
Reefer Madness (news story about adulterated marijuana)
To My Readers: Future Directions (about The R'lyeh Tribune)
Part One: Egregoric Phenomena in Lovecraft and El... (notes)
Part Two: Egregoric Phenomena in Lovecraft and El... (notes)
Part One: Snake Stories (Biblical References)
Part Two: Snake Stories (Howard, Lovecraft, Smith) 

Book Reviews
Horror Offerings for Young Adults (Joe McKinney's Dog Days)
Correlating The Contents of Lovecraft’s Mind (Paul Roland's 2014 biography of HPL)
Horror Theory: Schneider’s Hyperconstriction and ... (Kirk J. Schneider's Horror and the Holy)
Horror Theory: Lovecraft and Black Magick (Steadman's H.P. Lovecraft & The Black Magickal Tradition) 
“Just Between You and Meme—” (Alena Graedon's The Word Exchange)
Saucers, Doughnuts, and Lost Continents (Fred Nadis' biography of Ray Palmer)

First Post (The Shuttered Room)
Watching The Lurking Fear During "No TV Week" (The Lurking Fear--film)
Blasphemy! (The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu--film)
Beyond the Wall of the Worst (Beyond The Wall of Sleep, film)
Psychedelic Dunwich (The Dunwich Horror, film)
A Horror from the Home State (The Cabining, film)
Another Horror From the Home State (Blood Lake, film)
“You don’t choose the soy sauce…” (John Dies at the End, film)
2. Brains on the Silver Screen (various)
3. Snakes on the Silver Screen (various)
3. Amphibian Horror Cinema 
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Ecosystem (2008 film The Happening)
Horror Theory  
Horror Theory: Todorov’s “Hesitation” (Literary Criticism)
Horror Theory: The Spectre of Marxist Interpretati... (criticism)
Horror Theory: Your Mind as Slide Projector (criticism)
Horror Theory: Sigmund Freud’s “The Uncanny” (Par... (Literary Criticism)
Horror Theory: Sigmund Freud’s “The Uncanny” (Par... (Literary Criticism)
Horror Theory: Some Thoughts on Monsterology (Par...
Horror Theory: Some Thoughts on Monsterology (Par... 
Horror Theory: Some Thoughts on Monsterology (Par...
Horror Theory: Schneider’s Hyperconstriction and ... (Kirk J. Schneider's Horror and the Holy)
Horror Theory: Lovecraft and Black Magick (Steadman's H.P. Lovecraft & The Magickal Tradition)
1. Calculating the Primal Yuck Factor (PYF) in Ho...
4. Final Remarks about PYF (Various)
Horror Theory: Preliminary Thoughts on a Blasphem... (nightmare, horror, religion)
Horror Theory: The Vrykolakas as Sexual Other (Literary Criticism)
1. Horror Theory: Towards a Post-Fact World (Coleridge, Suvin, Lovecraft)
2. Horror Theory: Towards a Post-Fact World (H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu)
3. Horror Theory: Towards a Post-Fact World (H.P. Lovecraft's "Nyarlathotep", epistemology)
"Personal Notes"
A Personal Note
Personal Note: In Search of Unholy Scriptures (personal essay)
Personal Note: A Visit to a Mental Institution  (college paper)
Personal Note: On My “Critical Method” (criticism)
Personal Note: Attack of the Tingids (insect infestation)
Personal Note: When Justice Trumps Holy Scripture... (Gay Marriage)
Personal Note: On the Horror of Invasive Plants a... (immigration)  

Dominion on SyFy (first season)
“I’ve Got an Angel in Pursuit!” (SyFy pilot for Dominion series)
“You Need Me to Connect You to Him” (second episode)
“What Doesn’t Kill You…” (third episode)
“The Chosen One—It’s Us!” (fourth episode)
“Watch the Shadows, Not the Sun” (fifth episode)
“Beautiful Dreamer, Wake Unto Me” (sixth episode)
“Angels Are Not People” (seventh episode)
“When We Are Broken, We Are Made Strong in Our Bro... (eighth episode)

Helix on SyFy (first season)
Choose Norvik B! (SyFy pilot for Helix TV series)
“Where The Hell Is My Monkey?" (Helix, second episode)
The Hand of Man (Helix, third episode)
“We Are All in the White Room” (Helix, fourth episode)
“I Must Have Good Genes” (Helix, fifth episode)
“To Trim the Herd” (Helix, sixth episode)
Virus ‘R’ Us (Helix, seventh episode)
I’ll Have a Cup of the Narvik Roast (Helix, eighth episode)
“I’ve Done Things, Terrible Things...” (Helix, ninth episode)
“Why Me?”  (Helix, tenth episode)
“A Parent Always Worries” (Helix, eleventh episode)
“You Must Have So Many Questions” ( Helix, season finale)


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