If you share my interest in early 20th century horror, fantasy and science fiction, please consider becoming a guest writer at The R’lyeh Tribune.  Perhaps deep in your blog’s archive there is at least one piece that “waits dreaming” or “that is not dead which can eternal lie”, and might walk again if the stars are in the correct alignment.

There is no financial compensation for contributions to The R’lyeh Tribune, but guest bloggers will have the opportunity to provide links, feature their work and offer a short bio as part of developing their author platform.  
Now in its third year, The R’lyeh Tribune continues to explore early weird fiction and its impact on contemporary horror entertainment.  The blog initially focused on the work of H.P. Lovecraft and his colleagues, but has since broadened to include some of Lovecraft’s predecessors.  The R’lyeh Tribune has also examined Lovecraft’s influence on subsequent weird fiction produced after the two world wars.

From time to time there has been discussion of more theoretical aspects of horror, touching on philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives.  Judging by reader response, interest in this material remains strong, and numerous contemporary authors continue to build on the foundations laid by Lovecraft and his contemporaries nearly a century ago.


1.      Articles should be 600 to 1000 words in length.
2.      Submissions should be entirely the author’s work, with adequate citation of sources as needed.
3.      Topics can include H.P. Lovecraft and members of his circle, as well as contemporary work that exemplifies Lovecraft’s influence.
4.      More theoretical topics are welcome, especially pertaining to the nature of horror and its connections with religion, psychology, modern society and the occult.
5.      If desired, The R’lyeh Tribune can provide you with an archived post or new material for your blog in exchange for your guest appearance.
6.      Sorry, no fiction, poetry or graphics can be accepted at this time.

If you would like to contribute an article to The R’lyeh Tribune, please attach your submission or include it in the body of an e-mail addressed to

Thank you for your interest in The R’lyeh Tribune.


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